HR Consultant Calgary -How do they Help?

I may need to lay off staff, will an HR consultant help?


Layoffs are one of the most difficult tasks a supervisor has to deal with. However, HR consulting Calgary can make the process easier for the organization. HR professionals help the manager eliminate employees in a dignified way. However, first thing firm needs to remember is that the staff they are laying off has the right to hear it from their supervisor, not someone from the HR department. While the HR consultant doesn’t involve in the laying off process directly, they provide necessary advice to carry out the process. The first advice a Human Resource consultant can give you is to choose the right person to lay off. Use fair criteria to terminate the employees. This will help in keeping up the morale of the rest of the employees as well as protect the firm from wrongful termination lawsuit. Closely examine the work of the employee over the year before deciding on the termination. Remember a firm needs productive employees, not favorites.

Calgary Human Resources consultant will help you choose the right time to terminate the employee. Generally, the consultants suggest to do it early in the week so that the management has time to deal with terminated employees especially if he/she is angry over the termination. If the manager decides to do it on say Friday, he will have to deal with the employee the whole weekend.

The next important advice a Human Resource consultant would give you is to deliver the news in person. They have the right to know why they are being terminated and it is the moral duty of the manager to let them know in person. Tell them why the company made this decision? Maybe they are not satisfied, or it is the change in the company strategy. Ensure that manager doesn’t argue with the employee over the issues. One of the things that will happen when you lay off staff is that they will be upset. So a manager needs to be compassionate and supportive, but they have to be careful not to offer them any false hope. When a staff is being laid off, HR consultant advises the management on the things that they cannot say to the employee who is being terminated.

While the management shouldn’t give the terminated employee any false hope regarding their futureprospective, they can certainly offer them career counseling that might help the specific employee in the future. HR consultants explain that when the management decide to lay off the staff, they should make the process as straightforward as possible. Being insolent while terminating the employee is not a great idea. The management should express assurance in the employee and his/her future prospect. They should reassure the employee that this layoff was completely a business decision and the management will help in any possible way. Another important advice Human Consultant offers the management is regarding passing the information of the termination to the other employees. Managers should not criticize the employee. They should make the statement plain and non-blaming.