Basic Home Security Tips

Basic Home Security Tips

The security of your family is the number one priority. The following home security tips can help make your house a safer environment. These basic home seciurity tips are inexpensive and fairly easy to install.

Keep your security locks and bolts fully repaired

You must keep your security locks and deadbolts in good working order. This is the first thing you thing of when you talk about home security. Needless to say, a house has its locks and deadbolts, but what you need is something that is functioning properly. If you just bought a new home or condo then you should have the locks changed promptly.

Install alarm systems

Alarm systems have become so affordable that just about anyone can afford to have one. There are a broad variety of alarms available from the simplest to some very sophisticated systems.

Make use of home security cameras

If your home is ever broken into then security cameras offer a visual record for the police and insurance company.  Display on your front door or with a sign in your yard that you have home security cameras, that alone is a deterrent to most burglars.

Install good lighting systems

When you mount exterior lights, take special care to mount them high. This prevents burglars from disabling them. You should light all around the house so there are no shadowy alcoves, which a burglar could use for hiding.

Make house number visible

Making house numbers easily visible from the street helps the police or fire department find your home if you should call them. This is quite easy to do and not expensive at all.

Be careful when answering your door

When you answer your door, make a habit of checking who is knocking first before opening it. Once your door is opened, even the most expensive home security system in the world is of little use

Trimming trees

Try not to create hiding places for potential predators. This means regularly trimming tree limbs and bushes around your house.

Get a dog

While being a good friend, a dog can also be a good security system. A large, well-trained outdoor watchdog can scare away intruders and offer extra security.

Install motion detection lights

If someone were to come up to your home to inspect whether it is vulnerable to easy access the lights will trigger on and scare off any would-be intruders.

The home mentioned above security tips should be considered by homeowners. However, the most important home security advice of all is to always keep yourself informed and prepared. As the old dictum goes, knowing is half the battle.