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Today bathroom is not just a functional private zone; rather it is a place where you can relax, so it is important that your bathroom has that kind of warm and soothing environment getting a local Calgary Professional Painter to make color changes can help dramaticallychoose a good Calgary Painter  . All bathroom designs start by figuring out the layout, bathroom tiles, and color schemes. When renovating the bathroom, you need to ensure that all the elements of the layout are included and accessorize the bathroom according to the design. In the end, beautiful bathrooms add comfort and value to your home. Get a new Shower head such as a LED Shower head can add some modern touch as well.

Here are some of the ways that you can do a renovation to your bathroom:

  • There are no rules:

By this, I mean that you can go in every direction you want; from simple to over the top designs. This is one place in your house in which you can experiment anything and everything.

  • Make your small bathroom look bigger:

One of the benefits of having a small bathroom is that you can get the work done at a lesser price. As space is limited, you usually don’t have to use higher priced materials. You can take your marble sink and pair it with the metallic damask wall, amber crystal wall sconces, and gold cover mirror to create an extraordinary look.

  • Create built-in storage spaces:

If you have a small bathroom, then you can create extra space by adding a personalized floor-to-ceiling integral for storing basic bathroom necessities.

  • Consider creating illusions with glass:

You can include shower enclosure to the space illusion in the bathroom. As it gives a view of the bathroom from one end to another, it will provide more space to the bathroom.


  • Consider small-scale fixtures:

When renovating your old bathroom into a modern one, you can incorporate small, sculptural fixtures to increase the floor space and choose the fixtures that match the goes with the vibe of the home.

  • Create the charm with wood:

Adding wood paneling and chair rails give a chic and charming look to the bathroom. So if you are someone who is looking for a simple and elegant look for your bathroom, then this is for you.

  • Try out ultra-dark colors:

The bathroom is a great place to try out those dark shades that you might hesitate trying in other places of the home. In fact, if you are bold then you can choose black as your main bathroom color.

  • Include floating storage:

A floating storage engages in visual space without conciliation style. You can use a pocket door rather than swing door. This gives privacy to the bathroom and at the same time used to free up floor space.

  • Make fun out of organizing:

Organizing is something that we all love, but you can make this process a bit fun by including interesting shades of color inside your storage space. You can either paint the inside or just use bright colored adhesive paper.

  • Avoid clutter on the countertops:

Store prescription materials, makeup items, and other personal grooming products out of the countertop. Decorate your countertop with lotion, soap, or fresh flower.