Home Security Equipment – Identify Your Needs First

Everyone is concerned with home security, it is natural to want to keep your family safe and secure.  Before you call in your local home security company and have them sell you every system under the sun, you need to identify your needs first.  Someone living in a highrise building with a doorman, you don’t have the same needs as a stand alone home.


Locks, the most basic and often most important element in the drive for security. Many different types of lock can be incorporated into modern doors, and these are all effective aids to security that can be fitted cheaply and quickly.

Locks, in whatever form, should be sturdy and well made, and multiple items should be fitted to every door on the outside of the house. Some prefer a deadlock style of the tumbler, and those incorporated in the door that slide into the frame are a certain way to deter burglars. Here is a video on how to install a dead bolt yourself.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems come in many shapes and forms, and one can be bought for even the lowest of budgets. We also work with IT support calgary Some quite complex alarm systems can be fitted to encompass the whole house, with sensors – whether movement or heat activated – positioned in each room that can be isolated individually, allowing the free movement of people – or pets – through certain areas of the property.

Door sensors

Door sensors can also be fitted, giving the security conscious owner an extra bonus in that the alarm will be activated whenever a door is opened by electrical means, and window versions are a bonus and a good deterrent.

An alarm box

An alarm box fitted to the outside wall of a property has been shown to be a good deterrent to the average burglar, and with a light fitted is easily seen and a message to the criminal element that your property is protected. Some alarms can be fitted that will signal the local police or security services of a break in, and these are very popular in many areas these days.

Closed circuit television systems

Closed circuit television systems – commonly referred to as CCTV – can also be very useful deterrents and security devices, and one positioned above each doorway, or at an entrance gate, can transmit a picture of anyone approaching or intending to enter to a given screen.

Electronic entry system

An electronic entry system is one in which any visitor has to call and speak to the inhabitants before being allowed to enter – these systems are very effective and are much favored by people who live in apartment blocks and larger, more remote houses.

Home security equipment may be regarded by many as something of a luxury, but these days should be treated as a necessity as we all strive to protect our property and well being.